The science of color management applied to the art of printing

Forward thinking solutions for traditional pressroom challenges

Innovative partnerships and global product lines

GRPI has proudly been servicing the graphic arts industry

for over 60 years. 

Our History

Even before the iconic Calder sculpture was assembled in Grand Rapids, MI, (which later became the inspiration for GRPI's logo) Roger Funghi began manufacturing inks in the basement of a building in downtown Grand Rapids in October of 1954. In 1962, Bob Toigo, Roger's nephew, moved to Grand Rapids from Connecticut, and a second generation began assuming a key role in the family business. Bob Toigo continued the company’s success and acquired majority ownership of GRPI in 1995, retiring in 2002 and turning over the company to the third generation of family ownership, led by John Toigo.  

Working Within A Changing Industry

As industries change, companies need to change along with their customers, or perish.  GRPI has continued to evolve and grow by responding to the changing needs of their customers throughout the years.   For GRPI, evolution and growth comes in many forms; from adding new product lines to offering unique pressroom services, and even expanding operations into new regions through acquisitions.

A Brilliant & Innovative Future

"If you’re not changing and evolving, you’re dying" - John Toigo.

The first step in dealing with the future evolution of GRPI is understanding who’s shaping it. Employees, customers and suppliers have all played a part in GRPI’s success and will continue to do so. The second step is executing upon the change happening. GRPI is well rounded with offerings and well positioned for continued growth moving forward. Success will come about the same way in the future as it did in the past; it will be earned through good old fashioned hard work and customer focus.